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Club Kodiak is a unique vacation resort experience for young adults with ADD/ADHD, LDs and ASD Level 1. We offer an in-depth life skills program, with a focus on social skills and recreational activities.  





Club Kodiak provides a safe and structured environment tailored to meet the needs of young adults 19+. Club Kodiak is not a children's summer camp; we are a cottage resort for young adults. We offer our guests many of the same activities we provide for our Camp Kodiak campers, but in an adult resort environment. There are more choices, less obvious supervision, more freedom, and an integrated life-skills program. Advisors are there to assist your guests in all aspects of our program. Guests select most of their own activities and there are weekly interesting and exciting excursions to a variety of local attractions. 

Guests who experience success at Club Kodiak:

  • feel comfortable and supported in a 3:1 guest to staff ratio

  • able to independently complete personal care tasks (i.e., eating, dressing, showering, etc.)

  • are confident in communicating their basic needs

  • are able to safely navigate a site with stairs, hills and uneven terrain

  • are amenable to living and spending the majority of the day in a highly social environment

  • can manage moments of emotional dysregulation safely


If you are unsure about whether or not your young adult might be a good fit at Club Kodiak, please reach out to our team.


Our guests attend workshops on nutrition, meal planning and cooking. Then, with the assistance of their Advisors, they plan, shop for, and prepare their own meals. They are also responsible for doing the dishes, keeping their cottage clean and doing their own laundry. 


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