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Meals and Special Diets

At Camp Kodiak we recognise that food is very important to our campers, and for some, can be a source of worry or concern. Our kitchen ensures that all our campers are properly catered to throughout their time at camp. Camp Kodiak serves three meals per day day and two snacks; a cookie and juice in the middle of the afternoon and a fruit snack in the evening. All meals are prepared according to the nutritional reccommendations of the Canada food guide, with a focus on low sugar, and additive free meals. They are planned to provide a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.


As well as the main meal, there are always alternatives available for our campers. A wide selection of sandwiches and cereal are on offer to campers at each meal. For campers with special dietary requirements, the kitchen can provide many options, including lactose, gluten and vegetarian friendly meals.  


Meals are served family style, with the cabin group and counsellors sitting together. Counsellors empasise the importance of table manners and encourage campers to chat and share stories at the dinner table. At the end of each meal, counsellors take to the microphone to share stories of camper successes, known at camp Kodiak as merit announcements.  These announcements recognise the many achievements of our campers each and every day.


Camp Kodiak is a nut, peanut and sesame free camp. We ask that parents that decide to send care packages please ensure that they are processed and packaged in nut and peanut free facilities.

Family Style Meals

Special Diet Options

Healthy, Nutritious Meals

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