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and Electives

Option 1 - Academics

The Academic and electives period runs in the morning, right after breakfast, from Monday to Friday. The period lasts for 50 minutes, and lessons are taught in small groups at the picnic tables in our choice forest.


Campers enroll in their favored option before arriving at Camp.  Those campers that decide to take part in academics will be assigned to a specific group, based upon the detailed academic report submitted by their school teachers. These reports are reviewed by our academic director, Shari Stoch.  Each group is taught by a qualified teacher, with several counsellors that assist them in instructing an individualized program to their campers. For many campers, the two month summer break makes the fall a challenge time back at school. By continuing to work on academics through the summer our campers are better equipped to manage this tranistion back to school.



Option 2 - Electives

Campers that do not wish to be in the academic program can choose from a wide range of skills based electives. These include pottery, first aid, martial arts, nature and survival, mad science and many many more. Campers take each elective for one week before selecting a new activity.  By paeticipating in their chosen elective for the week, campers have the opportunity to work and develop new skills.  This time frame also allows campers in electives such as pottery and stained glass to design, create and finish their projects ready to bring them home at the end of their session.

Stained Glass



Arts & Crafts




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