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I was so excited to have the opportunity to go back to a place with such good memories from when I was younger. It sure seemed smaller to me, but that would be because I have grown so much.

I am so glad that there is a Club Kodiak because I had the best times of the summer there. The things that I learned, like cooking skills and teamwork carry over to my everyday life. I am in touch with some of my friends from camp. We are e-mail pen pals and I look forward to corresponding with them.

I will definitely be coming next year so please save a space for me.

Jerod, guest, Stevensville, ON

My daughter cannot imagine her summer without Club Kodiak. Her time there takes her to a new level of independence and confidence each year. The staff are clearly devoted to the guests and their experience. Our only regret is that we didn’t find out about it sooner!

Michèle - mother of Madeleine, North Augusta, ON

I believe our son Jeremy is one of the longest attending campers at both Camp and now Club Kodiak for over 20 years. We have seen a steady, positive and progressive growth in his independence and self-confidence. His ability to grow has been nurtured by the excellent staff that both understand his daily requirements and the desire to assist Jeremy in gaining more self sufficiency, notwithstanding that loves the programs and just having fun. We continue sending him back year after year as we have the utmost confidence in the aims and objectives of Club Kodiak and what they are achieving for our son.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you all for all you did to make Jared's first overnight experience. He really enjoyed himself and talks about all he did from archery, dancing, exercise, guitar, talent show, hiking, boating, swimming, beach, etc. He got so much out of being there and came home very grounded and happy, which in itself is wonderful. Just the fact that he was able to be away for that amount of time is a big accomplishment. I really appreciate all the work you guys did to make his experience. Hope you all have a great end of the summer and good luck to each of you this year in whatever direction you are going. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

Trudy (mom) & Jared, Solon, OH

David and Paula, Jeremy C's Parents, St. Catharines, ON.

Jerod started at Camp Kodiak in 1993 as his physiotherapist recommended and has been going ever since with the exception of one year before Club Kodiak was started, and after he was too old to go to Camp. Club Kodiak is his constant. He looks forward to the last 2 weeks of the summer to be himself with his buddies. 

We live near Fort Erie, Ontario just outside of Niagara Falls. This kind of camping experience is not available around here. 

Notably, Jerod participated in swim safety and is a strong swimmer because of Kodiak. He looks up to his advisors.

Jerod (Guest) and Selina (Mom)

Nandita has been to camp for 3 summers and she has had a fabulous time each year.  She now has a community of friends with whom she stays in contact throughout the year (via facebook and text) and whom she looks forward to seeing each summer. I only wish we lived closer to camp and her friends.


Katrin, Nandita’s Mom. Santa Fe, NM, USA

My daughter so enjoys her time at Kodiak – she will be getting her 15 year pin in 2020.  It is an opportunity for her to completely be herself, interact with like-minded campers and to really fit in, in a safe and supportive environment.  She has learned so much – she tries new activities there and gains valuable life-skills and confidence.  It is the only setting where she has been able to make and keep friendships going, and develop independence.  Thank you Kodiak – in so many ways.  Sincerely, Jill and Shauna


Toronto, ON

Club Kodiak has been an ongoing terrific summer experience and memory maker for Blaire these last three summers. Blaire says she's made some really good friends at Club Kodiak and enjoys many of the activities, particularly arts & crafts, swimming in the pool and the day trips! Blaire has told me that everyone is so nice at Club Kodiak and that she's excited about returning for her fourth summer in 2020!


Monty, Blaire’s dad, Hadlyme, CT, USA

I credit Maddie’s summers at Club Kodiak for giving her the skills and confidence to move out of our family home. Maddie benefited tremendously from Club Kodiak’s life skills programming, from participating in menu planning, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and from living cooperatively with other Club guests. She is now living independently in a shared home with two housemates, a supportive house mentor and two mischievous cats. Club Kodiak is still the highlight of her summers!


Valerie, Maddie’s Mom. Toronto, ON

Andrea is coming back for the 4th time this year. It's her favourite event of the year. The first time for her was rather scary as her mother language is Danish. she had never been to a camp before and certainly not with 'funny speaking' people. she was so well taken care of. Every time has been a great improvement for her. Her English is getting a lot better, she is making friends, and she learns a whole different way of life. It's wonderful for her to come into a new and different environment. She takes the plane back and forth from Copenhagen each time alone. We all hope she can return for many years.


Pernille, Andrea’s mom. Denmark

My son Tyler has been going to Camp and now Club Kodiak for over 15 years.  Club has given him the confidence to deal with life challenges and has made him more self reliant.  His social skills have improved and he has built a network of lifelong friends.  He looks forward to going back each summer to renew these relationships with both guests and staff.

Pamela, Tyler's Mom. Montreal, QU

My son, Josef, has attended Club Kodiak for three years.  Although we were both apprehensive before he began his first year, Josef loved his time at camp and I loved hearing about his experiences.  The welcoming environment was evident from the moment we arrived to drop off Josef.  Each year is even more warming as now there is recognition from campers that Josef has become friends with during the past three years.  Club Kodiak has a great variety of activities for all interests and Josef loves selecting his options for the upcoming session.  Club Kodiak has provided an environment for my son to feel a part of a group and develop confidence being around his peers.  

Nina, Josef's Mom, Newmarket, ON

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