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Hi Dave:

Club Kodiak is a fantastic opportunity for young adults from all over the world who have learning differences or social skill issues. It provides an ideal and natural environment for them to socialize, relax and grow! It also offers a full menu of activities, along with a menu of healthy food & beverage choices.

What was most gratifying to us, is that our daughter re-connected with friends she made in previous years at Camp Kodiak. Her growth and development along with experiencing that of her club mates was mutually beneficial and a wonderful surprise. Pimples do go away and people do develop on their own schedule.

We are extremely grateful to those at Kodiak who came up with this excellent idea and carry it out seamlessly.



Kat’s mom, Washington, DC

All is going great. I had the time of my life at Club Kodiak. I got to accomplish things I could never do before. I learned how to care for my diabetes and meds! Everyone was amazing at Club Kodiak and all of the former Camp Kodiakers should come out.  You’ll have the time of your life I GUARANTEE IT!.


Peter, guest, Richmond Hill, ON

Thomas had a wonderful time this year (and came back 15 pounds lighter which was very necessary - living in residence during the week means that he puts on huge amounts of weight during the school year, however much salad and broccoli I feed him at the weekends!).

Amy has been really helpful - both in enabling Thomas to reach his goals for the summer and in keeping me tactfully updated about things it is helpful to know (e.g. the current status of Thomas' relationship).

Many thanks for everything.

 Jackie, Thomas’ mom, Toronto, ON

Alex really enjoyed his time at Club Kodiak this summer. He voiced absolutely no complaints with any of the outings as well as the activities. In fact he was very positive and spoke of returning next year. He shared the photos he had taken and spoke to us about some of the other guests he spent time with. This is not very often the case with Alex as he tends to be critical of social group activities and rarely wants to share too many details with us. We found him to be very calm and more self-assured when he returned home, almost as if two weeks away and on his own gave him a chance to mature and experience without the interference and the overprotection of his well-meaning family!! We forget that he is a capable 19 year old!! Thank you again for providing this opportunity for Alex.   We were amazed at how much Alex enjoyed this experience and how much confidence he acquired.  We’re truly grateful to you.

Alex’s mom & dad, Sharon, ON

Since I didn't see you when we picked John up from camp last weekend, I wanted to thank you for another great summer for John. All of the reports that we received from his advisors and the office were very positive and, based upon John's feedback, he had a great time once again. He made many friends, several of which he has communicated with since returning home. He's very excited about next summer and is looking forward to the new site for the clubbers. I think one of the best testimonies that I can pass on was, when speaking to John when he called home towards the end of camp, I asked him if he was looking forward to coming home. His response to me was "Yes, but this is home too".

I look forward to getting the advance notification of registration for next summer later this fall. Good luck with the rest of the summer and thanks again.


John's dad, Newcastle, PA

 Jackie, Thomas’ mom, Toronto, ON

I was so excited to have the opportunity to go back to a place with such good memories from when I was younger. It sure seemed smaller to me, but that would be because I have grown so much.

I am so glad that there is a Club Kodiak because I had the best times of the summer there. The things that I learned, like cooking skills and teamwork carry over to my everyday life. I am in touch with some of my friends from camp. We are e-mail pen pals and I look forward to corresponding with them.

I will definitely be coming next year so please save a space for me.

Jerod, guest, Stevensville, ON

I I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you all for all you did to make Jared's first overnight experience. He really enjoyed himself and talks about all he did from archery, dancing, exercise, guitar, talent show, hiking, boating, swimming, beach, etc. He got so much out of being there and came home very grounded and happy, which in itself is wonderful. Just the fact that he was able to be away for that amount of time is a big accomplishment. I really appreciate all the work you guys did to make his experience. Hope you all have a great end of the summer and good luck to each of you this year in whatever direction you are going. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

Trudy (mom) & Jared, Solon, OH

All is going great. I had the time of my life at Club Kodiak. I got to accomplish things I could never do before. I learned how to care for my diabetes and meds! Everyone was amazing at Club Kodiak and all of the former Camp Kodiakers should come out.  You’ll have the time of your life I GUARANTEE IT!.


Peter, guest, Richmond Hill, ON

Your Club Kodiak was a huge success with Danielle. She was so excited to have the chance to go back to Kodiak. Camp Kodiak really was  a highlight in her younger years and it literally broke her heart when she outgrew camp. Where else would she have the dance every Friday night and a PROM to dress up at and the large social circle? Danielle works as a volunteer delivering meals with Meals on Wheels a few times a week and also as a volunteer with a therapeutic riding group called C.A.R.D. She is also taking a computer class but her life is not filled with similar aged people except for a social group she goes to one night a week.

When Club Kodiak was announced there was no question that she would go. She was already busy planning which clothes she would take. I kept asking her if she wanted to email you to see who else was going. She didn't care. She was going back to camp and couldn't wait. It was so neat that it was geared to an adult population. We received emails from her (that was a very pleasant surprise) and someone at Kodiak showed her how to get onto Facebook. Now she keeps in touch with Kodiak friends on Facebook.

She liked the cosmetology class (although she can't be bothered with makeup) and generally enjoyed the activities and freedom. She got off the bus at Yorkdale saying she is definitely going back next summer and then spent the next half hour saying goodbye to her new (and some old) friends.

Club Kodiak has also been a wonderful experience for us as parents. We need the holiday, too, in order to be better parents, guardians and advocates. Once these relatively high functioning individuals outgrow camp and school, there is not much out there to give us the much needed respite. To know that our daughter is thrilled to be going away for 2 weeks, and that she will get the care and guidance and fun experiences that Kodiak provides gives us just the break that we need. I am very happy that you, Dave, saw the need and were able to develop this program. I am sure that you will be able to attract more people as the word spreads. We certainly have talked about it enough.

Danielle’s mom, Toronto, ON