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Camper F.A.Q.

Will I be in the same cabin as my friends?


We work really hard to make sure that everybody is in a cabin where they will be able to make really good friends. There is also time every day where campers can choose to spend time with any camper at camp, so you have a chance to hang out with friends in your cabin and friends not in your cabin.


What will my counsellors be like?


Every camper will have counsellors who are helpful, kind and friendly. Our counsellors love spending time with their campers, and are always available to anything you need.


What is the food like?


The Kodiak food is all made by a professional company that specializes in making camp food. We have three meals a day, plus a snack in the afternoon and a snack in the evening.  You can find out more by clicking on this link!


Where will I live?


While you are at Kodiak you will be living in a cabin with your counsellors and the other campers in your cabin. The cabins all have bathrooms, with showers, and big porches where you can see the lake.


Do I get to choose my own activities?


While you are at camp you will have activities that you go to with your cabin, but there are some activities that you get to choose. For choice period, you get to pick an activity that you will get to do for an hour, every day, for a week. These activities include waterskiing, horseback riding, go-karting, sports, swimming, and many, many more!


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