At Kodiak we have a strong Drama program that focuses on building interpersonal skills, improving vocal expression and employing effective physical movement. 


In the first session we put on a musical, that includes every camper at camp, and is preformed for parents, guests, family and friends on Visitor's Day. Campers have a chance to audition for speaking roles, but they also preform songs with their cabin group. Some of the musicals we have done in the recent past are Footloose, Seussical the Musical and Into The Woods. The musical is directed by an experienced Drama teacher, who adapts and modifies the musical so that every camper can be included and be successful. 


In the second session we work on games, activities and exercises that foster personal character development, and improving abilities to interact with others in a positive way. With the welcoming environment created in our Drama program, every camper is able to learn and grow together!

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