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The Riding program at Camp Kodiak allows for all campers, regardless of experience or ability, to take part. Campers sign up for either morning or afternoon riding as their "Choice" activity and spend the week at the barn. Choice riding runs for a double period to allow campers to spend time riding as well as taking part in barn lessons.


Barn lessons cover a variety of topics related to the developing skills as an equestrian. Grooming and tacking up, as well as equine health care and anatomy are some of the elements covered. These lessons are taught using a 'hands-on' approach to provide the campers with practical experience and knowledge. 


The ridng element of the program takes place in the riding ring, as well as on the trails around camp. Campers' lessons are individually programmed to fit their level of comfort and experience.


Horseback riding is an extremely popular activity at camp and our campers enjoy spending time with the horses.

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