Club Kodiak Advisors

It’s FUN!

What other job allows you to help teach sailing, salsa dancing and resume building - all in the same day?

It’s great work experience!

At Kodiak you work in a unique atmosphere, gaining valuable experience working with young adults with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. With Kodiak you get to add to your resume a reputable program that has been working with youngsters for more than 27 years. Our staff training is led by experts in their fields who have years of experience to share. 

There are financial benefits!

On top of a salary, there are many benefits to working with us: 

* Food! During your time working at Club all food supplies are provided. Breakfast and lunch are made in your cottage, and dinner is with the whole group in the club house.

* Accommodation! You live at Club for a few months, so past staff have saved on rent costs by subletting their apartments for the summer.

* Laundry! Our laundry facilities are available to you at no cost. 

Make life-long friendships!

Whether you are hanging out in the staff lounge after hours, exploring Muskoka on a day off, or enjoying a staff recreational activity, you will make some amazing connections with other staff this summer. We have seen co-workers turn into friends, roommates, partners – the connections really are amazing!

Discover your best self!

Once you have experienced a summer at Club, you will fully understand the self-growth that occurs. You are able to discover your true strengths and passions, and share them with like-minded colleagues.

Make a real difference in the world of our guests.

This is the big one. It can’t be understated how much your guests will adore you, and how much of a positive impact you will have with them. Simply by being their mentor, their advisor, their friend – you will make our guests feel safe, cared-for, and at home.

So, why be an advisor?

Instead of "counsellors" at Club Kodiak, we have "advisors". Advisors live in a cottage with guests, and fill a lot of the same roles as a camp counsellor would, but while also teaching life skills.

What's an advisor?


You can check out the Staff FAQ section.

Or give us a call (877-569-7595) today!

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