2022 Dates & Rates

Except for Harmonized Sales Tax (HST - 13%) and the trip fees, our fees are all inclusive.  They include food, lodging, all activities, transportation and laundry.  Guests not covered by a Canadian medical plan may be billed if unexpected medical, dental or pharmaceutical services are required.


July 3rd-July 30th

(4 weeks) 



July 31st-August 20th

(3 weeks)


August 21st-September 3rd

(2 weeks) 



July 3rd-August 20th

(7 weeks) 



July 31st-September 3rd

(5 weeks)


July 3rd-September 3rd

(9 weeks) 





Peter, guest, Richmond Hill, ON

'I had the time of my life at Club Kodiak. I got to accomplish things I could never do before. Everyone was amazing at Club Kodiak.  You’ll have the time of your life I GUARANTEE IT!.

Thank you, it was incredible!!!'