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The Kodiak Games

The Habitants and the Voyageurs

For many of our second session and 7 week campers, the Kodiak Games are the highlight of their summer.  Held on the second Sunday of second session, this special day brings the whole camper together for a day of cheering, team spirit, comraderie and sportsmanship. Whilst there is some element of competition in a few events (running, sailing, tennis, swimming and chess) fair play, honesty and humility are the values that shape the day. 


The day begins the evening before with the annoucnement of the Kodiak Games leaders and the Spirit Fairy. This annoucnement is followed by the camp spliting into two teams, the Habitant and the Voyaguers to learn cheers and prepare for the big day. Kodiak Games day is full of fun activites throughout the camp, as well as featuring the playstation, a quiet area for campers to unwind if the excitment becomes too much. For many of our campers and counsellors alike, this the best day of the summer.

The 2015 Kodiak Games!

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